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Innovation and Thought Leadership In The Physical Branding Space


Guest speaker, Vinessa Lullo, has more than 15 years of marketing and product development experience. Her team prides itself on customizing products and services to meet the demands of customers. However, a recent merger and the COVID-19 outbreak drastically changed their business. Vinessa shares how her company became extremely nimble and changed processes to customize products, marketing, and sales to meet new customer needs and safety requirements.

About Tessa's guest:

As the Marketing Director for MC Group | Icon, Vinessa manages and executes multi-platform marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 to 500 companies in three divisions: Signage, Maintenance, and Construction. Vinessa is best known for strategically launching comprehensive marketing programs, internal and external branding, streamlining processes, rejuvenating company cultures, and implementing cost-saving measures to increase revenue.

3 Critical Things Your Sales Team Needs From Marketing


Paul Pirozzola has been a sales and marketing leader in the B2B manufacturing space for more than 20 years. Traditional routes to market have been disrupted by digital media, e-commerce, and the pandemic. Today’s sales teams and marketers are looking for more effective and efficient ways to collaborate. In this episode, Paul talks about three key elements that marketers can share with the sales team to generate higher quality leads and increase win rates. Be ready to take notes, they are big, attainable, and highly effective.

About Tessa's guest:

Paul provides general management and strategic guidance for the NSRC team. He is a seasoned commercial veteran of B2B and has held many sales and marketing leadership roles, most recently as the VP of Marketing for Bettcher Industries. Paul brings a consultative approach and practical “client-side” knowledge to the team. He holds an MBA from Indiana University and a BS in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted BioScience Innovation & Companies


During this episode, Matt McBride will share how physical distancing and shelter in place orders have impacted strategic partnership and innovation management in bioscience. What is the effect on product teams? What trends and activities can we track to prioritize our own product initiatives? And what does this ultimately mean for collaboration and go-to-market strategies? 

About Tessa's Guest:

As the VP of Strategic Partnerships at BioEnterprise, Matt McBride oversees the continued development, promotion, and execution of the Global Center for Health Innovation and its mission of promoting healthcare innovation and growing the biomedical sector in Northeast Ohio. Prior to joining BioEnterprise, Matt spent seven years with Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI), translating medical breakthroughs into patient-benefiting products for the commercial market. As the Director of Inventor Services, Matt established and implemented a process that was used to evaluate early-stage technologies and usher them toward a commercial outcome. Matt received a B.S. in political science with a focus on engineering, math, and science from the United States Naval Academy and an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University.

RapidTesting.ai on Tenlo Radio is brought to you by Tenlo. Tenlo is a pipeline marketing agency that focuses on quickly identifying and converting high-value leads. Visit Tenlo.com to learn how you can use digital marketing to get more out of your trade shows, website, and sales support programs.

What Sales Teams Can Focus On During The Pandemic


The Coronavirus has disrupted businesses worldwide. Sales leader, David Kreiger, shares what he believes sales teams should focus on as they shift to remote work. Hear his ideas on how to best support clients, protect business and maintain personal health during the COVID-19 crisis.


David Kreiger is the Founder and President of SalesRoads, a business-to-business appointment setting, lead generation, and SDR outsourcing company. Under David’s leadership, SalesRoads has grown significantly and consulted some of the largest, fastest-growing companies to help accelerate their sales through proactive prospecting. SalesRoads has also been a 100% remote work-from-home organization for the past 13 years.

David is considered a leading authority on building highly effective remote work environments and was named one of The Most Influential Leaders in Sales & Lead Management by the SLMA. He’s also been featured in Fortune Magazine, Wharton Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor and CNN/Money Magazine.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Using Data to Connect with “Super Fans”


How does the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame persuade people to add a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, to their bucket list of must-have experiences? In this episode, guest Ellie Ovsenik tells you how.

Hear how the Rock Hall uses data and digital marketing to engage music enthusiasts and increase visits to the museum.

About Ellie Ovsenik:

As the Director of Digital Marketing and Advertising at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum and nonprofit, Ellie combines her storytelling background with the museum’s mission statement – to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock & roll. Exploring new ways to bring the Rock Hall closer to fans, Ellie helped launch and produce the museum’s first-ever Induction Ceremony red carpet live stream show as well as the 2020 Fan Vote partnership with Google. She continues to create new content and engagement-driven opportunities with artist and entertainment partnerships. 

RapidTesting.ai on Tenlo Radio is brought to you by Tenlo. Tenlo is a pipeline marketing agency that focuses on quickly identifying and converting high-value leads. Visit Tenlo.com to learn how you can use digital marketing to get more out of your trade shows, website, and sales support programs.

How Can Rapid Testing Validate New Products Manufacturing?


Learn the do's - and some don'ts - of launching a new product. Brandon Cornuke has been an inventor, retail buyer, corporate innovation leader and now shares his expertise with start-up founders. In this episode, you'll learn what you need and what to avoid as you seek to validate new products before market launch.

About Brandon Cornuke:

Brandon Cornuke has dedicated his career to helping innovators turn their ideas into growing businesses. He is a speaker, writer, educator, and entrepreneur. He has co-founded a consumer products company, consulted with hundreds of startups, and led innovation efforts inside global organizations like Target, American Greetings, and Hitachi. Brandon is the Vice President of Startup Services at MAGNET, Northeast Ohio’s premier non-profit provider of manufacturing expertise, and teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Design and Innovation at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. He received his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and lives with his wife and daughters in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Why & How to Use Rapid Testing in Marketing



In today’s episode, we’ll learn the “whys” and “hows” of rapid testing. Today’s guest, Tom Madrilejos, has been executing Rapid Testing at Tenlo for the past year across a variety of marketing tactics. Marketers will hear examples of how to launch a new product or test a new marketing tactic and get rich customer insights and predictable results without overspending.

About Tessa's Guest:

Tom’s vast knowledge of creative immersive technology and UX/UI guides his creative thinking. His knowledge-hungry attitude drives him to apply the most advanced ideas and solutions to creative strategies. Currently, Tom is a staple of the Planning & Strategy team for Tenlo Marketing. Using his past experience in UX, Tom is able to combine creative and strategy to create unique solutions to client’s marketing challenges.

Making the Leap to Digital Marketing That Corporate Executives & Sales Teams Love.


Our inaugural episode was streamed live, Thursday, 12/12 at 12 pm PT. Tessa's guest is Linda Owens, Digital & Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Nestlé Professional.

About Linda Owens:

Linda is experienced in global digital and eCommerce marketing and has a passion to drive change and deliver results. She has worked across many different industries, building b2b and b2c digital strategies, and teams to engage with customers and increase sales. Her expertise is in managing projects ranging from content development, search, SEO, SEM, paid media, email marketing automation, website development, social media strategies, CRM systems, eCommerce campaigns, retention programs, and new technology implementation. Linda has been with Nestle Professional as the Digital and eCommerce Marketing Manager where she oversees all digital marketing strategies for Nestle Professional Food & Beverage.

Our host:

Tessa Burg is vice president of user experience and technology strategy at Tenlo, a pipeline marketing company that focuses on engaging high-value prospects with relevant buyer experiences that get results. Tessa has been leading data-driven marketing and technology product teams for 15 years and has successfully executed the Rapid Testing process across hundreds of experiments, new product launches, and omni-channel campaigns.

Our show:

Rapid Testing is a process that generates customer insights and revenue forecasts from small, iterative tests. In weeks (rather than months), marketers learn which messages, channels, and experiences work and can quickly pause underperforming tactics and scale successful ones.  The show will discuss how Rapid Testing is used to test new marketing channels, create accurate revenue forecasts, validate new products, build attribution models, and align sales and marketing teams more effectively.

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