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June 10, 2020

tessa.pngOur host:

Tessa Burg is Vice President of User Experience and Technology Strategy at Tenlo, a digital marketing agency that uses deep expertise in search, social, website design, and marketing automation to help clients accelerate their sales pipeline.  Rapid Testing is a data-driven approach designed to identify and generate leads specifically for clients who partner closely with sales teams, distributors, e-commerce retailers, and resellers to sell their products and services.  Tessa has been leading data-driven marketing and technology product teams for 15 years and has successfully executed the Rapid Testing process across hundreds of experiments, new product launches, and omnichannel campaigns.

Our show:

Rapid Testing is a process that generates customer insights and revenue forecasts from small, iterative tests. In weeks (rather than months), marketers learn which messages, channels, and experiences work and can quickly pause underperforming tactics and scale successful ones. The show will feature data-driven Marketing and Sales leaders who use a test-and-learn approach to try and scale effective digital marketing campaigns.