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How To Increase Customer Retention With Video Streaming

April 6, 2021


B2B companies have 42%-82% customer churn. As our world begins to return to “normal,” we can take tactics used to sustain customers during the worst of the pandemic and leverage them for growth. 

The cancelation of live in-person events—including trade shows, sales demos, and conferences—spurred a new era of live-streaming. This episode explores how B2B companies can use that technology to build client relationships that are stronger than ever before.

Brian Lee, from live-streaming platform BoxCast, joins us to discuss how B2B companies can build community and retain clients through live video experiences.

About Brian Lee:

Brian has 10+ years of experience in the SaaS industry. As the VP of Sales & Customer Success at BoxCast, Brian leads the teams responsible for all aspects of user acquisition, expansion, retention, and customer support. 

Over the past 4 years, Brian has seen the BoxCast user base more than double and the staff triple thanks to two acquisitions and $20M funding in late 2020. 

In the past year, Brian helped implement product-led growth and digital marketing strategies. This enabled BoxCast to create a more efficient sales pipeline while maintaining successful onboarding and retention metrics during rapid growth.