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How B2B Companies Can Measure The Value Of Content Marketing

March 8, 2021


From thought leadership to engagement, there are many benefits of content marketing. But does the value justify the cost of creation and distribution for your B2B company?

Tessa Burg shares how to measure your content’s contribution to lead generation. What metrics and KPIs you should look at. Technology and tools that can help you gather data. And most importantly, how to use the data to prove the value of your content marketing.  

Measuring content’s worth in B2B is definitely more challenging than B2C or ecommerce. But it’s possible. Listen to learn how.

About Tessa Burg:

Tessa Burg is the VP of UX and Technology Strategy at Tenlo. She has 20+ years of digital marketing experience.

Tessa combines her marketing and technical skills with software product management experience and agile principles. She identifies target audience needs as well as where and how they find information to make buying decisions. Tessa guides how to best execute on-page, off-page and technical SEO. This generates high-quality website traffic that converts into ecommerce purchases and sales-ready leads.


Tessa is the regular host of the “Lead(er) Generation” podcast series. Plus, she’s published numerous articles and white papers. Read her article The Intersection of Content Strategy & SEO to learn how to increase your marketing team’s value with SEO-optimized content.