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Apps & Platforms That Matter For Lead Generation In 2021

December 9, 2020


If 2020 felt like drinking from a firehose, then this episode is the zen you need to recenter on your purpose as a marketer. Guest Scott Brinker joins us to discuss how B2B marketing leaders can evaluate and select the best tech to complement existing CRM, CMS and marketing automation systems to elevate their brain space out of execution.  


We’ll need marketers’ experience and passion for data in 2021 to think creatively and strategically about how we connect, engage, and with prospective customers and generate business value in 2021—a year that is sure to see more economic, technology, and competitive landscape changes.


  • Learn about the evolution of the martech landscape and what the trends behind it tell us about 2021 and beyond
  • Learn where you can find the most effective apps and technologies for automating tasks within your CRM, CMS and other core marketing technology
  • Hear the benefits of “no code” platforms and how they’re giving marketers more control while “playing nice” with IT teams
  • Get some actionable tips on which digital transformation projects to prioritize in 2021 to help your team scale and take advantage of new opportunities


About Scott Brinker:

Scott Brinker is fascinated by the intersection of technology platforms and ecosystems as well as marketing strategy and operations. He has extensive experience and holds several titles in these areas.


First, Scott serves as the VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot. In this role, he helps grow and nurture the community of technology partners building on the HubSpot platform.

Since 2008, he’s also run the Chief Marketing Technologist blog (chiefmartec.com), which has more than 50,000 readers. One of his well-known projects is a map of the  Marketing Technology Landscape.


In 2014, Scott launched the MarTech Conference. As the event's Program Chair, he brings together a community of senior marketing operations and technology professionals.

Scott also wrote the best-selling book "Hacking Marketing," published by Wiley in 2016. Plus, he’s a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world on topics of marketing technology and agile marketing.