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What Value Do Brand Communities Offer B2B Businesses?


Before the pandemic, B2B customer engagement typically happened in person during sales calls, meetings, trade shows, demos, and more. With the shift to virtual communication, B2B companies must think about how to engage with customers and improve their experience online.

In this episode, we’ll hear about the importance of communities from Mark Donnigan, an expert in marketing for startups. We’ll talk about how to apply those principles to enterprise businesses to connect your customers with each other and with your B2B brand. Discover the trickle-down effects of customer community, from better customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty to drive business growth.

About Mark Donnigan:

Mark Donnigan is the CMO at Growth Stage Marketing. He designs and executes marketing programs and go-to-market strategies that build markets and establish disruptive innovation companies as a category king. With 20 years of experience as a transformative and strategic B2B marketing and business leader, Mark understands what’s required to succeed in today’s winner-takes-all market.

B2B eCommerce: The Evolution Of Online Grocery


How have customer expectations evolved in the food and grocery industry? What role do digital and e-commerce play in the selection and purchase process? We’ll explore these questions and more with Jay Scherger, the Director of Ecommerce Accelerator at Kroger. After this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of how we—as B2C, B2C, B2C2B and B2B digital marketers—can make shopping an easier and more enjoyable experience for customers.  

About Jay Scherger:

Jay Scherger is the Director of Ecommerce Accelerator at Kroger. He leads a digital and technology team that’s dedicated to rapidly designing, developing and launching integrated and stand-alone e-commerce concepts. new customer and commercial concepts. Jay has spent 15+ years developing data-driven vision and strategy for a wide range of retail and consumer packaged goods. His experience includes leading innovation at companies such as 84.51˚, McKinsey & Company, dunnhumby and more.

Can Reporting Dashboards Drive B2B Growth?


As sophisticated B2B digital marketers, we’re tracking, measuring, and making more data-driven decisions than ever before. So how are we doing? Most of us have a reporting dashboard (or several) to visualize KPIs. But are you receiving actionable data? 

Dave Hurt, CEO, and Co-Founder of the Verb Data experience platform, helps us better understand how to get more out of our reporting dashboards. Learn more about what makes a good dashboard and how to receive actionable insights that make the biggest impact on B2B business.

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How Automation Brings B2B Marketers Closer To Customers


In this episode, we explore the impact that IoT and AI-powered solutions have on manufacturing and industrial businesses. Learn how B2B marketers can introduce new revenue streams, get closer to their customers and deliver self-directed experiences that delight and retain customers.  

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What Role Does Brand Play In B2B Marketing?


B2B companies tend to separate “brand” and “digital” and two independent functions. Our guest, Kip Botirius, has deep experience in both brand development and digital marketing for consumer and commercial businesses. Today, we’ll explore the role of a strong B2B brand and the impact it has on creating effective digital marketing experiences that generate leads and convert them into customers.  

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Why B2B Leaders Need Marketing Operations


People, process, data and technology all play critical roles in B2B lead generation. But how well is your managing and optimizing performance in these areas?

Dan Lukens explains how a Marketing Operations Manager adds value to an organization by keeping these functions focused on marketing and sales strategy. Plus, adapting them to changing conditions so your marketing is most effective.

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Does My B2B Website Need To Be ADA-Compliant?


2020 made all of us B2B marketers and leaders more dependent on eCommerce and doing business online. As B2B continues its evolution—looking more and more like B2C—there are some important standards we need to be aware of regarding accessibility. Guest Ryan Boog helps us better understand ADA Compliance, and explore the value of accessible websites and apps. 

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How Does The Death Of Third-Party Cookies Impact Digital Marketing?


The eventual death of third-party cookies and the impact on lead generation has been a hot topic in our industry for quite some time. But now the end is here. 

Digital Marketers are already seeing disruptions in campaigns running on third-party websites and social media properties. Not to mention, in the data we’re accustomed to receiving from Google.  

So what’s next? How do we deliver quality targeting, experience, leads and results back to clients and leadership? Our guest Tony Mastri will cover that all—and more—in this episode. 

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How To Increase Customer Retention With Video Streaming


B2B companies have 42%-82% customer churn. As our world begins to return to “normal,” we can take tactics used to sustain customers during the worst of the pandemic and leverage them for growth. 

The cancelation of live in-person events—including trade shows, sales demos, and conferences—spurred a new era of live-streaming. This episode explores how B2B companies can use that technology to build client relationships that are stronger than ever before.

Brian Lee, from live-streaming platform BoxCast, joins us to discuss how B2B companies can build community and retain clients through live video experiences.

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How B2B Companies Can Measure The Value Of Content Marketing


From thought leadership to engagement, there are many benefits of content marketing. But does the value justify the cost of creation and distribution for your B2B company?

Tessa Burg shares how to measure your content’s contribution to lead generation. What metrics and KPIs you should look at. Technology and tools that can help you gather data. And most importantly, how to use the data to prove the value of your content marketing.  

Measuring content’s worth in B2B is definitely more challenging than B2C or ecommerce. But it’s possible. Listen to learn how.

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