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August 13, 2020

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Today's guest is Scott Brinker, the Editor of Chiefmartec.com and VP of Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot. He will share how the marketing technology landscape has evolved and what it means for marketing leaders looking to accelerate their growth and lead generation in 2021.
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Our host:

Tessa Burg is vice president of user experience and technology strategy at Tenlo, a pipeline marketing company that focuses on engaging high-value prospects with relevant buyer experiences that get results. Tessa has been leading data-driven marketing and technology product teams for 15 years and has successfully executed the Rapid Testing process across hundreds of experiments, new product launches, and omni-channel campaigns.

Our show:

Rapid Testing is a process that generates customer insights and revenue forecasts from small, iterative tests. In weeks (rather than months), marketers learn which messages, channels, and experiences work and can quickly pause underperforming tactics and scale successful ones. The show will interview marketing leaders who are using their own data driven processes to get closer to their customers, try new social, search and email tactics and better align with their sales teams.

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